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Organic Loops - World Music Bundle

Genre: World

Additional Styles:

Organic Loops are proud to present the World Music Bundle! This collection is packed with 7 amazing packs from across the globe, all at 70% OFF RRP ready to bring unique and beautiful musicality to your productions 100% royalty free.

Please Note this bundle is only available in Zip Main formats which contains Wav Loops and Sounds plus where applicable Rex2 files and Sampler Patches

Inside the pack you’ll find a stunning collection of World focused packs including:

Classical Indian Sitar

588 MB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

36 Sitar Loops at 170 bpm

35 Sitar Loops at 140 bpm

31 Sitar Loops at 90 bpm

31 Sitar Loops at 120 bpm

12 Harp Runs

1 Sitar Multi

134 Rex2 Files

2 Soft Sampler Patches


South American Soul

453 MB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

72 Drum Part Loops

57 Percussion Loops

38 Full Drum Loops

19 Keys Loops

12 Guitar Loops

8 Electric Bass Loops

8 Synth Bass Loops

7 Synth Loops


Organic World

201 MB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

13 Percussion Loops

10 Live Drum Loops

7 Electric Bass Loops

7 World String Loops

5 Flute Loops

3 Atmosphere Loops

5 Keys Loops

3 Guitar Loops

3 Harp Loops

2 Lute Loops

2 kalimba Loops

2 Marimba Loops

1 Hang Drum Loop

1 Harmonium Loop

1 Steel Pan Loop

1 Shruti Box Drone Loop

21 World Instrument Hits

10 Drum Hits

8 Percussion Hits

5 Bass Instruments

25 Soft Sampler Patches


Ethnic Mandolin

852 MB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

344 Mandolin Loops

80 Mandolin Phrase Loops


Ethnic Woodwind

1.51 GB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

147 Andean Panpipe Loops

122 Low Bamboo Flute Loops

76 Classic Panpipe Loops

64 Fujara Flute Loops

61 Mizwad Woodwind Loops

49 Low Flute Loops

38 Native American Flute Loops

33 Overtone Flute Loops

13 Low Toyos Panpie Loops

16 Fujara Flute Hits

15 Toyos Panpie Hits

14 Low Bamboo Flute Hits

10 Panpipe Fx

8 Andean Panpipe Hits

7 Native American Flute Hits

4 Panpipe Multis

1 Bamboo Flute Multi

127 Woodwind Phrases

32 Soft Sampler Patches


Street Carnival

190 MB

24Bit 44.1KHZ

99 Mixed Percussion Loops


Brazilian Guitars

  • 357Mb
  • 24Bit 44.1Khz
  • 34 Melodic Kits consistingl of
  • 34 Bass Loops
  • 34 Rhythm Guitar Loops
  • 34 Lead Guitar Loops
  • 108 Rex 2 Files

Any references to any brands on this site/page, including reference to brands and instruments, are provided for description purposes only. For example references to instrument brands are provided to describe the sound of the instrument and/or the instrument used in the sample. Loopmasters do not have (nor do they claim) any association with or endorsement by these brands. Any goodwill attached to those brands rest with the brand owner. Loopmasters or its Suppliers do not accept any liability in relation to the content of the sample or the accuracy of the description. "RHODES" is a registered trademark of Joseph A Brandstetter.

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