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Simply FX Bundle

Genre: FX

Additional Styles: Chillout, Drum and Bass, Electronica, House, Synthwave, and Techno


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 70 - 170

Introducing the Loopmasters Simply FX Bundle - delivering the freshest Royalty-Free Sound Effects to your DAW at a fraction of the RRP! This exclusive bundle brings together SIX top selling FX packs from the esteemed Loopmasters roster, with more than 50% off the price when bought individually.

Simply FX deliversover 6 GB of supreme sounds - showcasing the best of Loopmasters SFX for your music! You'll find euphoric Risers, spiralling Downshifters, earth-shaking Impacts and much more; delivered in crystal-clear 24 Bit! These superb FX Sounds are ideal for any producer looking for smooth transitions, abstract ambience and robotic atmospheres! Let's take a closer look:

Cinerobotic Fx

>> Cinerobotic features over 800 individual sounds to lay down as hits, atmospheres and after effects with a vast combination of high-fidelity drones, glitches and foley recordings to cut through the mix. Included in the collection are Alerts, Calibrations, Movements, Fighting Bots, Footsteps, Frictions, Droid Bleeps, Mechanicals, Hydraulics, Weapons, Impacts, Stutters, Shutdowns, Startups and Transformers – enough sounds to take you from R2D2 to Optimus Prime and every cyborg in between!

Dark Atmospherics

>> This incredible collection features over 2Gb of high quality musical pads, deep atmospheric drones, moving FX and crunchy rhythmic loops presented in pristine 24 bit 48kHz audio discretely processed with high end Apogee converters and boutique vintage tube compression. The collection also features 84 key labelled single shot synth sounds created by Colin C from his Prophet12, Virus Ti, and Moog synthesizers.

Designer Dance FX

>> This fully formed collection of elegant sounds has been created for Producers looking for the Perfect Impacts, Bleeps, Rises, Drones, Echoes, Gated Sonics, Transitional Tones and Uplifters; which together creates what we think will soon be considered the “Ultimate Dance FX Collection”for all modern music genres. This 1.4GB collection of 24Bit FX samples includes no less than 600 expertly processed samples from the studio of Marc Adamo, and also includes 28 ready to play patches for Reason NNXt, Halion, EXS, SFZ and Kontakt compatible samplers.

Elevation FX

>> Lift your tracks to new highs with Elevation Fx by Loopmasters, a comprehensive collection of sweeping risers, epic drops, big room crashes and ground shaking impacts. Add drama to your tracks with these tempo driven Fx Loops, recorded at a club friendly tempo of 127BPM including full long loops of between 1 and 16 bars plus tempo synced and free running one shots with exploding reverbs and delays. Produced exclusively for Loopmasters by Marc Adamo this club ready transitional FX pack is perfectly at home in any modern dance production or simply use them in a DJ set to liven up your mixes.

Overloud Fx

>> Overloud FX has in excess of 400 hits with sonic elements covering the full frequency range, from lowly sub booms to metallic highs – with after effects and post production applied to give them that professional shine and instant usability.  Don’t be surprised to hear industrial-sized water tanks, large containers, dystopian impacts and even heavy metal hits… with no guitar in sight! Each sound has been filtered and refined to bring studio-quality FX to your tracks. These serve as ideal impacts, downshifters and risers – giving a greater flow to your arrangement and adding immediate gravitas to any track. As well as the samples, 20 Sampler patches are included with each sound grouped on the keyboard, ready to be used in your daw.

Vintage Movie FX

>> Vintage Movie FX is an inspirational set of 355 separate Wav samples taken from original early Film Soundtracks, all licensed for use under the new Creative Commons license agreement. The sound effects samples have been taken from old movies and public information films and are categorised in folders such as "Ambient Sounds & Outdoors". These samples are all 100% Authentic which means that whilst they have, "Guns, Explosions and War", "Kung Foo", "Space & Sci-Fi". "Emergency Services" and much more, all re-mastered and de-noised yet retaining artifacts from the original recordings, which we feel gives them a much more authentic sound!

Once purchased, you will receive 6 separate links to the ZIP (Main ONLY) versions of the included packs; you cannot switch them for different formats so please check the specs carefully when ordering.

Discount bundles are available for a limited time only and once they are gone that’s it… so bookmark the BUNDLES tab on our site TODAY and make sure you do not miss out on the incredible offers we have in store for you!

Cinerobotic FX

  • 658 MB
  • 155 Foley
  • 65 Bot Movements
  • 63 RoboWooshes
  • 56 Little Droid Bleeps
  • 52 Robot Hydraulics
  • 38 Shutdowns
  • 37 Fighting Bots
  • 35 Transforming Layers
  • 34 Robot Weapons
  • 31 Startups
  • 30 Frictional
  • 30 RoboMechanicals
  • 28 Footsteps
  • 28 Robocutz
  • 27 Robot Innards
  • 26 Smashing Robots
  • 25 Robotic Impacts
  • 20 Alerts & Calibration
  • 20 Robotic Glitches
  • 18 Large Servos
  • 17 Maintenance & Response
  • 12 Dying Robots
  • 10 Robodrones
  • 10 Robospheres
  • 8 Robotic Stutters
  • 27 Soft Sampler Patches

Dark Atmospherics

  • 2.37 GB
  • 76 Atmospheric Soundscapes
  • 84 Synth One Shots
  • 196 Processed Drum Loops
  • 10 Kicks
  • 10 Snares
  • 10 SFX and Percussion Sounds
  • 227 Rex2 Files
  • 162 Soft Sampler Patches

Designer Dance FX

  • 1.3 GB
  • 22 Bleep FX
  • 6 Chord Gate FX
  • 43 Cymbal FX
  • 38 DownShifter FX
  • 45 Drones And Tones
  • 40 Echo FX
  • 24 Gate FX
  • 29 Hits and Stabs
  • 56 Impact Hits
  • 40 Noise FX
  • 16 Reverse FX
  • 65 Rise FX
  • 8 Sirens
  • 11 Sub Drops
  • 93 Transition FX
  • 41 Uplifter FX
  • 6 Vox Builder FX

Elevation FX

  • 808 MB
  • 04 Atmos FX
  • 15 Crashes
  • 26 Downshifters
  • 12 Hot Shots
  • 34 Impacts
  • 19 Noise Fx
  • 39 Radio Bytes
  • 22 Riser 1Bar
  • 24 Riser 2Bar
  • 48 Riser 4Bar
  • 38 Riser 8Bar
  • 25 Riser 16Bar
  • 08 Tonal Twists
  • 43 Transitions
  • 13 Soft Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24

Overloud Fx

  • 636 MB
  • 50 Large Container Fx
  • 40 Industrial Fx
  • 30 Heavy Metal Drop Fx
  • 30 Reversed Fx
  • 25 Dark Fx
  • 25 Factory Metal Fx
  • 25 Monster Fx
  • 23 Metal Movement Fx
  • 20 SciFi Fx
  • 20 Horror Fx
  • 20 Low Fx
  • 15 Epic Huge Drum Fx
  • 15 Wreckage Fx
  • 12 Hard & Dirty Fx
  • 12 Tiny Fx
  • 10 Distoretd Fx
  • 10 Dystopian Fx
  • 10 Hybrid Fx
  • 10 Water tank Fx
  • 10 Sub Boom Fx
  • 20 Soft Sampler Patches

Vintage Movie FX

  • 434 MB
  • 23 Ambient Sounds & Outdoors SFX
  • 18 Animal Sounds SFX
  • 17 Bells, Horns and Alarms SFX
  • 7 Breakages SFX
  • 12 Doors Sounds SFX
  • 5 Emergency Services SFX
  • 3 Footsteps SFX
  • 23 Guns, Explosions and War SFX
  • 70 KungFoo SFX
  • 11 Laughter SFX
  • 12 Machines SFX
  • 15 Monsters SFX
  • 18 Musical SFX
  • 27 People and Crowd SFX
  • 7 Screams SFX
  • 34 Space and Sci-Fi SFX
  • 28 Vehicles and Engines SFX
  • 7 Water SFX
  • 18 Soft Sampler patches for NNXT, Halion, SFZ, Kontakt and EXS24

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