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Chroma Vol. 1 - New Age & Cinematic Vocals
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Genre: Cinematic

Additional Styles: Vocals

Chroma Vol. 1 - New Age & Cinematic Vocals is an atmospheric selection of cinema-ready vocal phrases, chants, and spoken words that are sure to bring a unique dreamy vibe to your cinematic productions.

These vocals have been recorded with the utmost care and attention using the greatest microphones, hardware, and outboard gear available.

The result is a collection of lead and backing vocals that can be used for any project!

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  • 60 Vocal Phrases Amin
  • 46 Vocal Phrases Bmin
  • 23 Vocal Phrases Cmin
  • 24 Soprano Vocal Phrases Amin
  • 18 Soprano Vocal Phrases Cmin
  • 23 Soprano Vocal Phrases Emin
  • 17 Soprano Vocal Phrases Gmin
  • 52 Whispers & Spoken Words

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    • 60 Vocal Phrases Amin
    • 46 Vocal Phrases Bmin
    • 23 Vocal Phrases Cmin
    • 24 Soprano Vocal Phrases Amin
    • 18 Soprano Vocal Phrases Cmin
    • 23 Soprano Vocal Phrases Emin
    • 17 Soprano Vocal Phrases Gmin
    • 52 Whispers & Spoken Words
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