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The sounds of the video game of the past that thrilled us at arcades and at home have now returned in an 8-bit anthology.

It has been over 25 years since the global disco sound boom of the 1970’s “Saturday Night Fever” music scene. These disco sounds were unstoppable during the era, however they quickly faded do to their formulaic nature. By the ’80s, disco was obsolete. During that period, the video arcade game phenomenon was conquering every coffee shop and mall around the world. The lo-fi “bit” sound was exploding in popularity, as the catchy sound of "Pac Man" and the like bleeped around the planet.

The library introduced here is the collection of sound loops from early, beloved video games. Despite the simple kitschiness, the 8-bit sound (a rectangle wave, a triangular wave, and noise), has become a treasured piece of pop culture, and is making a comeback in today’s music.

"8 Bit Family" was crowned with "KEY BUY AWARD" by KEYBOARD magazine. This is the second such splendid achivement for Discvery; "The Legend Of China" received the first such award.

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