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Boom Blaster FX
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Genre: EDM

Additional Styles: Sound Archives and FX

We've been hammered by our customers for this sample pack and after countless days in the studio with the light fittings shaking loose from all the sub bass we can proudly present 'Boom Blaster FX'. An obliterating collection of over 350 24 bit wav files comprising of Impact Kicks, Sub Boom Drops, Booming Breakdown FX, Sub Hits and much more. We've worked and worked to create this definitive collection of everything boom and trust us when we say after purchasing this awesome sample pack you will never need another explosion sound, bass boom fx, big ass breakdown fx, sub fx hit or impact kick again... well for 2011 at least!

We really took our time in the Zenhiser studio with this boom fx pack, and by using vintage outboard equipment combined with the state of the art plug ins and mastering techniques we have managed to push the boundaries in sub frequencies with clarity and power that is second to none. Every audio sample has been meticulously monitored on multiple speakers, headphones and just about anything we could find to listen on just to make sure we pushed the bass levels to an absolute maximum without crossing the barrier of blowing up your speaker cones. We do still vow an Audio Warning with these exclusive Zenhiser Boom FX "Watch Your Bass Pins I'm Telling Ya!".

If you are looking for sub boom fx, breakdown fx, impact kicks and explosion sounds that have been built from the ground up and created to deliver the punch and frequencies your music productions need then 'Boom Blaster FX' is the pack for you. Suited perfectly for just about any genre this sample pack includes deep low hits for the tech heads, blisteringly fast impact kicks for the house nuts, mind morphing breakdown fx for the trance freaks and disgustingly good distorted boom hits for the dubstep boys.

When it comes to bespoke sample packs that are a cut above the rest, Zenhiser is your sample home. Enjoy!

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  • 24 Bit Quality
  • 463MB
  • 100 Bass FX
  • 65 Kick Fx
  • 30 Hit Fx
  • 70 Medium Breakdown Fx
  • 100 Long Breakdown FX

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