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We are proud to present our new handy collection “Trailer Tools” this compact series is an all-in-one solution for film and games that demands professional music production and will be a life saver!! All the sound effects have been hand picked here for five different editions and each one is focused on their unique elements... Just find the missing parts of what you need to make your trailer projects like a PRO!.

“Trailer Tools: Sci-Fi & Fantasy” contains high-quality and ready to use galactic/spacey and robotic type trailer sound effects ranging from; biomechanical hits, morphing whooshes, heavy transitions, otherworldy atmospheres and soundscapes, futuristic rises, intense booms, realistic explosions, energetic suck-backs, sci-fi pass-bys, low-end downers, subfalls etc.. All these sounds are ready to enhance your works and perfect for creating high definition cinematic beds for any science fiction, space-fiction and fantasy scene or projects..

A diverse and incredible collections offer an insight into our Professional Cinematic libraries and give you a chance to explore our sounds at an ultra-affordable price! Let this collections magically transports your production to the next level.

DON’T miss out all products in this special series in the product links above including;

  • Biomechanical Hits & Impacts
  • Futuristic Rises & Transitions
  • Heavy Explosions & Booms
  • Otherworldy Atmospheres & Soundscapes
  • Twisting Movements & Low-Enders

For more information please visit the official site of Cinetools here!

Download the PDF for more detailed info HERE

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