Every Hip Hop head should own this sound pack! 5000 Breaks, CUTS AND SAMPLES??? WOW! One word.. BANANAS! By far, RawCutz Super Pack is the best of the best! Free 2 gigs of hard drive space because 149.00 is well worth your troubles.

Enjoy RawCutz!


There's been some serious crate digging going on over the years to complete this excellent pack. Breakbeats, percussion and musical loops and stings aplenty. All with that charasmatic crunch you get from vinyl. It's the easiest way to add some character and flavour to your tracks. You could even decide to load up a bunch of sounds to your sampler. maschine or MPC and you would have the creative idea for a track in minutes. A brilliant pack which is the culmination of several years of hard work.

What an awesome pack. A massive quantity of samples. The single hits (Raw Cutz) section alone has over 3,500 samples and the quality is amazing. Really authentic hip hop sounds that will fit into any genre of music. The breaks and drum hits sound really nicely produced. The only downside is the price, but you are getting 30 sample packs in one so its worth saving up for! If you make hip hop you need this pack!

outstanding, great quality and quantity. all your jazzy n back pack hip hop needs are met right here.

Brings me back to the days when I used to have an Sp 1200..I love the fidelity of the package..warm & gritty..I actually use some of these samples for my house productions..A jaw dropping 3gigs of material here..single drum hits & loops..Will be using this for years to come..

Once again, just when you think it can't get any fresher.. Bam.. Here's 4000 more sounds in case you were looking! So many dope selections and inspirational sounds.. The right sample always needs the right drums, and Rawcutz is the place to get it! Excellent job..

wow this is a great pack.. i've been using these sort of breaks for years.. Its kind of been our secret weapon in the studio to help fill out our beats by sitting them really low in the mix behind straight house beats... they really add something! this pack should keep us going for many more years!

Some nice and raw samples. I like how dirty and punchy they are in the same time. Suitable for some underground house music

super is deffo the key word here, if you cant find a decent sound for a tune in all this then there,s something wrong. spoilt for choice
theres a lot to chose from . beats are swinging and have the authentic sound you need . literally loads of music loops, all very different and exciting but throughout the pack theres always a really cool vibe to each loop that instantly adds the magic

OMFG! Deep and vast goldmine of grooves, beats and vibes loaded with rough and raw SP/MPC Old School attitude. Honestly this'll keep you going for a very long time. And as I always say, not just useful for sub 100bpm beats...just use your imagination.

An absolute monster of a pack! All the chops and cuts you could ever want for classic hip-hop production but look a little further and it has elements perfect to layer into any production style. This is one of those collections you will keep returning to over and over for inspiration. High quality and highly recommended.

Warm and cracking high fidelity vintage essence: YES. The collection here is as vast as it is universally applicable. Consistent quality throughout is all the more refreshing given the sheer amount of samples included: Out of 778 kicks, 468 snares etc I'm hearing excellence no matter where I dip in. The breaks are incredibly user friendly with lots of separated elements (no kick, no hat..) as well as full loops making for a beat-chopping playground. Lastly the immense instruments samples folders: endless bits of audio which weave between bright / dusty / clean / scratchy / glowing .. this is an absolute candidate for the elusive "if I only had One" sample collection.

This pack has rapidly become a go-to resource for small dusty snippets for me - the breadth of sample sources is huge, but they all have a similarly vintage soulful vibe to them. The samples also lend themselves to a whole range of uses, either as individual elements of a groove, collaged together into a choppy pattern, or loaded up over a range of keys, and played as an old-skool stab. Absolutely eseential!

Loving this. Absolutely loads of raw, authentic breakbeats that slam and sound so rough.
I'm definitely going to be keeping a close eye for Rawcutz packs in the future. Very, very cool.

The authenticity of this pack is unreal. Not only does it include a great range of quality samples, but it could easily be used for various genres. 10/10 from me.

This pack is monstrous! slammed with so much goodness its hard to know where to begin. There is multiple vibes which makes it more than easy to drop samples into any tune. Whatever style your going for this is guaranteed enhance the vibe, and more importantly will make the struggle of crate digging instantly a thing of the past.

With GB's of hits and sounds it's a veritable treasure trove of sonic goodness. As a fan of Smokers Delight and subsequent loop packs the Raw Cutz Super Pack is a must for any arsenal. You can tell that each hit and sound has been lovingly crafted. Tons of sounds for pretty much any genre.

Amazing compilation and the perfect feed for my funk & soul inspired tracks. The sound of the library is totally fantastic. Inspiring chords, great rhythms, sounding rich & genuine. Probably my favourite library pack at the moment, full of black sound, lovely grooves, fat bases and mellow pads. Essential compilation of flavoured fresh raw cutz.


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