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King of the Rhodes Pack 1
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Genre: Keyboards

Additional Styles: Jazz and Sound Archives

King of the Rhodes Pack 1 is a new download pack from Loopmasters which features 16 mutisampled Rhodes Piano Patches, which have been crafted to work with Reason NNXT Sampler, Kontakt, Halion, EXs24 and SFZ Formats.

This download pack, prepared by reputed House Producer Andy Lee, contains over 90 individual samples of the famous Rhodes Piano, and in total is over 120MB.

Alongside the patches you also get 90+ Rhodes Samples ready to play as single hit wav samples ready to use in any music software applications.

Presented in Acidised Wav formats here as a Zip file, simply download and enjoy using these samples immediately!.

Andy Lee sampled these 16 patches to give you both soft and hard variations, and a great diversity of sounds can be heard presented here within the respective patches, making it hard to believe they were all sampled from the same Rhodes Piano, listen to the demo to see what we mean!

As usual with all Loopmasters CDs and download packs, all material contained within this release is 100% royalty free for you to use in your music, so make the tracks and fill the dancefloor with Loopmasters.

Check out the demo mp3 to hear whats in the pack, and to get an idea of the sort of sounds and samples you get with the King of the Rhodes download from Loopmasters!

  • 120MB
  • 92 Acidised Wav Samples
  • 16 Multi Sampled Fender Rhodes Piano patches, NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ Formats

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    • 120MB
    • 92 Acidised Wav Samples
    • 16 Multi Sampled Fender Rhodes Piano patches, NNXT, Halion, Kontakt, EXS24, SFZ Formats
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Octanedlr big


Octane & DLR
I use these as a basis to build my composition around, as for someone lacking in a anything above grade 4 theory and very little rhodes playing ability it offers me so many options when starting a new track!
Nickthayer big


Nick Thayer
Used in conjunction with the other Loopmasters Rhodes pack, or simply as a stand alone option, these beatifully recorded Rhodes samples provide soundbanks for those moments when only a Rhodes will do. I can't wait to start sprinkling Rhodes juice all over my jams. Wait, that sounded a bit fruity. Still. That's the kind of effect Rhodes can have I guess!? In short, you need this.

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