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The Designer Drum Collection

Genre: Drums

Additional Styles: Drum and Bass, Dubstep, House, Percussion, Techno, and Trap

RV Samples acclaimed `Designer Dance Drum' series delivers authentic, bespoke electronic percussion samples for dance music of all incarnations. For the first time, in this collected bundle we bring you the finest selection from the series with a huge 40% saving on the RRP!!

Whatever genre of electronic music you choose to produce; the Designer Dance Drum series from RV Samples gives you an exclusive set of hand rolled and club-ready drum shots that are guaranteed to raise your tracks to the next level. Inside this collection, you'll find:

Designer Dance Claps & Snares & Stax

>> Sonically sculpted for superior performance this Clap & Snare Collection has been expertly crafted with crisp defined highs, tailored mid range and well controlled low end designed to keep your beats present and upfront at all times. Expect to find clearly labelled folders of Big Claps, Reverb Claps, Tight Claps, Smash Layers, Big Snares, Snaps, Tight Snares and Stax which are a mixture of snares and claps layered.

Designer Dance Cymbals

>> Once again RV Samples have ensured each and every individual sample has been sonically sculpted for superior performance.  Designer Dance Cymbals uses a combination of real cymbals, classic drum machine sounds and exciting synthesis techniques to produce the Ultimate collection of Drum Cymbals, Rides and Hi Hats that will add definition to your beats with high class precision.

Designer D&B and Dubstep Snares

>> The collection features snare samples gathered into three unique folders with layered snares and claps for big impact beats, tight and heavy snares with plenty of punch in the mid and low range perfect for high energy but controlled breaks and finally the tiny snares folder is full of crisp short snares great for adding layers to an existing beat or when you need your loop a little tighter.

Designer Dance Kicks 1

>> All the sounds have been recorded, processed and driven through all analogue stages for maximum character and vibe with Kicks ranging from hard thumping Techno monsters to thick, warm, Minimal accents.  For dramatic drops and breakdowns, explore the wealth of Reverb heavy kick drums with subtle spatial enhancement to add intensity and impact to the drop.

Designer Dance Kicks 2

>> All the sounds have been recorded, processed and driven through all analogue stages for maximum character and vibe with Kicks ranging from Super Fat Analogue, Room Stomping Clap Kicks, Solid Club Essentials, Punchy Designed Sounds, Hard Edged Thumps, Drop Enhancing Verb Kicks and Pitch Tuned Bass Drums.

Once purchased, you will receive 5 separate links to the ZIP (Main ONLY) versions of the included packs; you cannot switch them for different formats so please check the specs carefully when ordering.

Discount bundles are available for a limited time only and once they are gone that’s it… so bookmark the BUNDLES tab on our site TODAY and make sure you do not miss out on the incredible offers we have in store for you!

If you want your beats to stand out, then look no further than this RV bundle! Crank up the volume, hit play and get ready for the best drum sample collection you will ever experience.

Designer Dance Claps & Snares & Stax

  • 93MB
  • 61 Claps
  • 33 Smash Layers
  • 62 Snares
  • 52 Stax
  • 3 Snaps

Designer Dance Cymbals

  • 186MB
  • 20 Real and Analog Crashes
  • 15 Big Impact Crashes
  • 20 SFX Crashes
  • 40 Real Hi Hats
  • 65 Digital and Processed Hi Hats
  • 264 Layered Hi Hats
  • 21 Analog and Real Ride Cymbals
  • 29 Digital and Processed Ride Cymbals

Designer D&B and Dubstep Snares

  • 33MB
  • 140 Snares Including
  • 20 Layered Snares and Claps
  • 100 Tight and Heavy Snares
  • 20 Tiny Snares

Designer Dance Kicks 1

  • 59MB
  • 40 Analogue Kicks
  • 75 Engineered Kicks
  • 22 Top Kicks
  • 21 Big Verb Kicks

Designer Dance Kicks 2

  • 27MB
  • 25 Analogue Kicks
  • 20Clap Layered Kicks
  • 35 Club Kicks
  • 50 Designed Kicks
  • 15 Hard Kicks
  • 25 Reverb Kicks
  • 25 Tuned Kicks

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