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Distorted Kick Drums 3
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Genre: Techno

Additional Styles: Drums

This is already the third issue of the super-successful Riemann Distorted Kick Drums series, which consists of 50 analogue distorted kick drum loops & 50 single kick drums, mainly designed for the genre Techno.

All Loops & Oneshots are crafted from scratch, mainly produced within Riemann's large eurorack modular system using oscillators, envelopes, filters, saturation, distortion and LFO's and also different guitar amps and EQs to shape them for maximum impact on Club sound systems like Funktion-One or VOID.

To give you an idea of the way these kicks are made, here’s a list of all of the gear used for this collection:

  • Dave Smith Character (Eurorack Module)
  • Doepfer Wave folder (Eurorack Module)
  • Bastl Instruments Cinnamon (Eurorack Module)
  • Jomox ModBase 09 (Eurorack Module)
  • Jomox T-Resonator
  • Elektron Analog Heath
  • Moog MF-101 Lowpass Filter
  • MFB Tanzbär Drummachine
  • Tb-909 Roland

Our Distorted Kicks pump right through your mix, delivering a wide array of frequencies to your audience on every beat. Please be warned, most squat raves are held in buildings that are just about capable of withstanding these mammoth beats, so make sure the site is structurally sound before unleashing these Analogue beauties.

As well as Kick Loops and One Shots we’ve thrown in 5 Top loops to get you started.
The package will satisfy the modern Berghain-influenced Techno producer of today, who is looking for rough but breathing organic foundations of their tracks.

  • 105 24-bit Wav files
  • 50 Kick Loops
  • 50 Oneshot Kick Drums
  • 5 Top Loops

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