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Genre: Electro House

Additional Styles: Electro House


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BPM: 120 - 140

F#CK1NG SICK ! Dont read this....just go buy it. Everything in this sample set is tops...from the beats to the synth loops. There are a bunch of weird synth loops mixed in that dont fit the style. (Get it and youll find them, ie: "Palpitate", "Papirus", "Pasha", "Roost"...?) Dirty filered synths and hard, crisp beats. If you cant take this and make 50 amazing tracks, you shouldnt be on this site. Actually, I should probably give this a bad review so no one buys it and I can have it all to myself !!! Just kidding...Another amazing job by Loopmasters

Plenty of material to keep you busy in here, I'm particularly fond of the disco tinged basslines and music loops, the drum loops are many, have loads of variety and different feels. There's a ton of sound FX, downshifters sound great, as do the drum hits. All in all, an extremely useful pack gliding nicely between the various electro and electronic sub-genres.

I had just completed an album which had all but consumed me for over a year and was about to start a remix of Photomatcs Why Dont You Go. I was in need
of some inspiration as my musical battery was rather low after working on the album so I popped over to the Loopmasters and decided on UKTU French Electro as the candidate for silent musical partner for my remix. Photomatic being half French and his music having a French flavour I thought the sample pack appropriate

I quickly set up a loop using phrases from the original track I knew I would
use and then began checking out the drum loops first. Its very rare I would use full drum loops in my music but what I will do is chop up a loop and use the individual hits so I can sequence and process the sounds individually. I find Loops great for quickly checking outing the sound of the kik and snare together in the context of the tune. As I auditioned loops I found my self nodding my head to a considerable amount of candidates which was a good sign as I can be very fussy. I eventually narrowed it down to a loop that had the right kik and snare for the track. I did end up sticking with that Kik and snare but layered them with a couple of my own sounds later on which is usual for me.

I fully intended to use a bass line I had already programmed for the remix but never the less I had to check out the bass loops section of the pack. I must say there are a number of gems here which I was sorely tempted to use but in doing so I felt the remix was slipping away turning in to a different song. This is not a negative reflection of the sample pack. On the contrary it means the sounds are very strong. The packs loops had distracted me (in a good way) so I decided to put the remix on hold for an hour or two and started to really delve in to the packs contents. Over the next couple of hours I began to get a good feel for the pack and its possibilities. I felt the sounds were made by someone who knows their stuff and there's some excellent production tricks going on which might make you wonder - how the hell did he do that!. There's also a raw musicality about the phrases and sounds which scream made by musician with Mega Mojo Groovy Head. That's good for you!

overall this is an excellent sample pack which in the right hands can be a serious weapon in the armoury. The pack doesn't have to be used to make French Electro House. You could use the sounds within any genre you care to. But it will lend its self best to Electro House, Tech House, Prog, Techno and pretty much any style that's 4/4 floor dance - electronica. Genuine thought, care and attention has gone in to the making of this sample pack from someone who understands the genre. I highly recommend it.

Big sound from Turkey's number 1 Electro Don. Utku has expertly made eclectic pack which is not just going to be of use to Electro House producers but to many Genres in the Big Room Peak Time area.

This is a solid and useable pack to cover many 4/4 styles way beyond the suggested French Electro House vibes. Impressive and upfront collection of elements to set the scene, augment what you're working on or drop in those important finishing touches and details with the FX and hits. Check the diversity of ready sidechained/pumping effect and inspiring music loops for starters. Another asset to any producers sample library.

Great variety of sounds for this kind of music! The drum loops all fit together in a certain way, so there's plenty of material to build your own drum track with those loops. Most of the music loops are good and inspire to wprk with them. I only would have preferred to get all of the loops in 125 or 128 bpm. The sounds & FX section is not too big but nice. Although the FX are mostly in a certain key they work well when put into the right track. Drums not comprehensive, but all in great sound quality and cover a broad range of styles.


very current and very cool. The loops are amazing and the bass sounds are so phat that you don't need to do allot to them

Crammed full of awesome musical loops and powerful percussion - this is one of the best sample packs I've come across in a while

Some absolutely cracking sounds in this pack here! I don't think you even need to be specifically trying to write either French nor Electro as the pack is so varied in it's funky-but-tough House sounds... Some really classic sounding synths in there, with a great mix of drum sounds and plenty of FX to boot!

This is probably one of the best loop packs we've downloaded. Far too many wicked bass loops to choose from, so you will be covered for ages!!! The synths are also really good, loads of variety and lots of interesting fx that always come in useful. Using a couple of the bass loops in a remix for a major label as I write!

Great set of sounds for those wishing to take a stroll down the Champs 'Elysee of house music. All the right amounts of distortion on the bass lines and the right amount of snap on the drums. Tres Bon.

There So much content here to go through.. |I just wanted to grab a few strange bits out of the box and there are plenty here to go on.

very Well produced,, especially the basses and sweeps

If you're after the banging electro sound, with plenty of noise, then this will be right up your street. Great variation of percussion sounds, bass lines and music loops to get your groove rocking!

this sample pack has loads of content. some very strong bass loops which are very useable. great lead noises too. a great sample pack for those people who are not even into this style of music. highly recommendable stuff. the beats section was ok, but probably best suited to people actually making electrohouse (unlike myself). anyway definitely worth a listen.

This sample pack is pretty sick! Got so many variety in it that you can work for a long time on this. Although it's not that kind of my style they're some great and phat sounds! The range from FX, Basslines and Drums is huge! Utku did a great job here! They'll be definitely coming up some banger sounds!

This is a great Selection of samples on this one. Sorry for the late review on this package.
We don't make straight up French house but have found some great sounds and loops on here that we have been using in our tracks and mixes. There are some really nice beats, basses and top lines on here as well which you can see for yourself in the demo. If you are a fan of the Ed banger justice sound then this will have some great little loops on here that you can use and is well worth having in the collection. Even though this is called french electro house, we think that there is stuff on here that will suit everybody.

Absolutely amazing collection! Some great stuff in this pack to use for inspiration or cutting up. highly recommended to have

Not being hugely familiar with this style of production, I found this pack a great starting point. Very easy to set yourself up and to get things in motion. The percussion and drum loops are superb!


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