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Genre: Drum and Bass

Additional Styles: Artist Series and Drum and Bass


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 86 - 175

Excellent work guys, hard to be critical when it is blatantly obvious an artist has held nothing back when making a pack. There's all the usual stuff you would expect here but it's the closest and most authentic to that german / austrian / noisia style hard electro pack you would get. The bass loops are brilliant. Not just noise for the sake of noise but expertlcly crafted weighty baselines. Throw them all into your maschine and get performing and you will have your very own interoperation of this sound. The beats are also on point. Clean, crips hard hitting but with some swing and funk. Gotta say the fx loops are prolly the best I have heard for a long time here. They aren't just silly whooses and risers but proper funked up grooves you couldn't make yourself in several lifetimes. They are instant moderness and lend themselves so well to so many applications. The pack is excellent all around and I would just get in. Great job!

Excellent as expected from these 4 top producers. The pack is a serious beast with loads of variation and groove. the bass is tough and large, whilst all the one shots are mixed and created perfectly. This will undoubtably help any budding dnb producer and give you the inspiration you just might need.

Fourward have provided an incredible selection of one shots, loops and fx in this sample pack. Each sample sounds like it has been meticulously tweaked to perfection. I've already started using these samples in my tracks and am sure to keep doing so.

Fourward have absolutely smashed this one out of the park! This is by far one of my favorite packs for a while, the production on the bass lines and drum loops is immaculate, gritty, hard edged and stupidly heavy. As usual, the pack is presented with all manor of drum fills, beats, breaks,FX and all the usual formats, REX, sampler patches, basically the pack is sick, buy now!

Solid pack from the Foursome! Great selection of beats and quite varied as well. I think where the pack really shines is in the percussion loops. So many great sounding loops that will fill out thin sounding breaks. Full of flair and finesse, Fourward deliver a pack of sonic excellence. I highly recommend this pack

First I would say I really like Fourward productions, they are next level every time I'm checking on their tunes. This is, without doubts, a fantastic sample pack with a lot of great variation. The Atmosphere folder is packed with lots of different and very good quality sounds, emotional and dark, everything you will need to add to your tunes. Bass synths are as well a brilliant source of inspiration, offering a wide selection of sounds to help with your production. I love the Drums folder, you can find there everything you'll need. Tight, punchy sounds and worthy of any track you'll have in mind. This is a sample pack full of pre-processed quality sounding drums, one shots, loops, fx and modulated drum and Bass and Synths, that should help you and your productions ! A big thumbs up, well worth the money!

This is an outstanding sample pack. Excellent sound design, well thought out and heaps of content. This is a must buy for anyone into the more technical genres, especially drum and bass. The bass section is a real stand out which is unsurprising given Fourward's music. Good aggressive sounds, complex in nature but still useable. Overall, the only criticism was that it would better if some samples were dry. There is a fair amount of reverb used throughout the pack, which sounds awesome but makes some sounds less workable. Looking forward to Fourward Volume 2!

Incredible pack featuring an arsenal of sublime and intricate sounding Drum and Bass elements. The sound design is very very high and I have been happy to use many of the elements to great effect,l both by changing them, and even some directly out of the box! Highly recommend!

It is no surprise that Fourward produced a high-quality sample pack which can be used in a variety of Drum and Bass styles. The drums and bass lines are our favourites. The drum loops can be used as an addition, but also as your main-drums. These loops will give your beats the professional "it-factor", which are not always easy to achieve. The bass-sounds are extremely well-produced. Put the bass in your sampler of choice and create quickly a professional sounding core-sound of your track. It is close to impossible not being inspired by this package. Among all packages we tested, it is one of the best. It is a sure-shot.

A solid pack with great sounds, a lot of variation and some nice unexpected bits too! Great to get ideas and to play around with the sounds that are there to inspire your own sounds. I'm really into the bass section of this one as some of these sounds are amazing! Definitely a perfect pack for both just starting producers and those who are further down the line!

Loopmasters teams up with Neuro champions Fourward and delivers a high voltage pack! With nearly 1Gb of dirty granular samples, the Austrian quartet offers a collection without any compromise which will thrill any Neuro producer and beyond. As it’s a Neuro pack, the best part are obviously the basses but the drums sounds terrific too. Unfortunately the rest of the pack is quite on a lower level but remains top quality.

Excellent and inspiring sample pack ! I will use it for my future productions for sure. I love the groove and bass design, everything you need to start a track or complete an unfinished one! I like the drums and the atmosphere to !

I'm a big fan of Fourward's music.It's a pleasure to open and enjoy it !High quality samples, there's inventive sound design, the synths and pads haunting and the drums are satisfyingly wonky and original. The bass loops hit exactly where they need to, really feeling the variation section of music & synth loops. A big thumbs up to Fourward and salute on this one!

Really cool sample pack, perfect to make your production easier with lots of bass, drums, synths that you can chop and rework. Fourward provide a high quality sample pack, fitting their unique style. These samples can gives you lots of ideas, can be use as a one-shot sample, the entire loops or using a sampler like Kontakt. All the sounds are ready to use straight into your own productions, and let you express your own style. Definitely one of the best sample pack to use to produce Neurofunk! Loving it!

Quality as high as you'd expect from a name like this. Punchy drums. Pressure bass. Crunchy leads. And the flexibility of one shots and complete loops, and also sampler patches and presets mean this pack caters to everyone from beginners to experienced, and will instantly help your workflow.

Good bunch of loops and samples to get you going. Sounds in this sample pack are top notch quality and can easily get you in a productive mood. My favourites on this pack are drum samples. Go for it without further thinking, 100% recommended!


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