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Genre: Nu Disco

Additional Styles: Electro House, Artist Series, and Nu Disco


One Shots

Sampler Patches

BPM: 120 - 130

Really good quality and varied stuff here. If you write any sort of house this will come in handy.
There's plenty of beat loops and bass lines (mainly live bass feel), synth riffs and hits. that have lots of character... Busy loops and more minimal ones too.

Good stuff

Some really great drum loops and one hits. Great selection of efx too.Nice stabs, some usable guitar licks for sure. Basslines are ok too but not the kind of thing Id use from a samplepack. All in all though, this is a great selection of sounds and is sure to inspire many.

Really really great pack. Loving the analogue sounds in there and the range of synth riffs. Definitely a great pack to get even if your making a completely different genre. There will be something in here to give your tracks a unique edge. Very impressed with this.

Faze Action have been around for ages and if anyone knows how The Nu Sound Of Disco should sound it's them. This package is complete, sounds familiair (because it's disco) but still it's crispy and sounds fresh. Very 2010 i'd say. No doubt disco will survive another few decades with this package.

I still own Faze action's 1st 12" and I'm happy to see them still doing their thing. This sample pack has some good elements for the ever trendy "nu disco" sound. I like the sound fx and the 80s keyz the best.

A few handy bits and pieces in here for specific projects. I think this is something we'll go to when we're looking for live drum stuff or a bit of inspiration from some real instruments. I can see some funk producers going mad for this!!

special collection with a kinda funky attitude - check the bass loops section and you'll see! It's fun listening through. the drum loops are a mix of 70s, 80s and all the rest of club dance styles. very inpsiring! if you're into soulful funky house you will love the instrument loops...also a good nice variety of single drum hits - useful for many musical styles - the choice and sound quality are great.
Not the 'everyday' sample collection but with this one you can add some special edge to your music. Nice!

I've been a massive fan of Faze Action for years now so it's great to be able to toy around with their building blocks with this sample pack. There's a great selection of sounds, hits, stabs and fx as well as some handy full loops for those needing that extra helping hand! I'm sure this will be lapped up by all the new Nu Disco producers out there chasing the latest musical trend!

Well laid out and recorded by my friends Faze Action. I've recorded at their studio so I know the attention to detail that goes into their process. My faves are the basslines ;)

One of best sample libraries I've heard , the sound was what i expected to hear from "Faze Action" , tried to use it on a new remix im working on and was great tool for me , will def get next one by them!

When it comes down to it, I'm a bit of a snare man at heart. Within this collection I have found THE BEST snares. I can't get enough of them! This is not to detract from the rest of the samples either, which are all excellent quality once again. I'll be using parts from this pack for months on all my new material.

This is top top class work. As respected members of my musical genre/circle ever since i was involved, Faze Action have always made amazing music. With this package they have genuinely offered an insight into the way they make this music by giving you all the audio material and loops needed to produce tracks in this style..

For me personally the highlights are the great effects - proper old school disco stuff - and the perfectly recorded drum kits which are going to get caned...nice.

I find this pack as diverse in its uses as the other packs. If I'm working on something that needs that extra bit of flavor, I can layer my sounds with these loops or simply cut them up, export to EXS24 and create whole new drums parts from these wicked tones. I've been a fan of Faze for years and this pack allows me to enjoy their work on a whole new level. Thanks for allowing me access.

Chris Lum
Harlum Muziq & Moulton Media (aka Moulton Studios).

Ive always been a huge fan of Faze action, and have sampled a bunch of sounds from the 12inch vinyls that I have from them, I love this sample pack because its EXS24 ready and you can creat your own sounds and drum loops. Im a junkie for live kick drums and high hats and this has exactly that in this sample pack.


Lots of really cool guitar stabs , very usefull gimmics and funky "Nu Disco" grooves and percs. In one word it's very "Faze Action". It was very helpful on a new remix i just did. This pack is definitely something that i will use over and over.

A brilliant package of funky 80's electronica & NU Disco stuff! All from cool guitar bass & Varied FX's to Groovy Synth lines & wicked Drum loops. You got it all here to use on your funked-up fresh productions!

some interesting stuff in here.. a great pack if not for using certainly for inspiration. Again loop masters do what they do best and deliver some loopy goodness for either use in the studio or live.

A massive range of excellent sounds. I love Faze Action's music, and their sample pack doesn't disappoint either :) Huge bottom end on the bass loops, very interesting synth and fx sounds, and quality drums.

Loaded with vintage drums and analog synths all put together with a contemporary feel. If you love the vintage sound of Disco and 80's Disco Electro, this will have all you need. Tasteful, vibey, and sophisticated even when conjuring up the early days of disco. Faze Action does it with style and truly understands the sounds and vibe.


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